Al Ain Tour

Al Ain Tour from Dubai and other emirates have been kept on hold until COVID-19 restrictions have not been removed. Kindly stay in touch with us until we get new updates regarding the pandemic.

Al Ain Tour comes first to your mind when you are planning of UAE City Tour. Al Ain is called ‘ Garden City’ but in fact it is an oasis comprising of lakes, meadows, hills, mountains and deserts. Enjoy scenic views of Hajar Mountains on UAE border. Also experience a refreshing walk through a traditional oasis. See birthplace of UAE 1st president, Visit Al Ain Fort Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs, Hili Archaeological Park.

Al Ain Tour By Bus

Al Ain Tour or Al AIn City Tour from Dubai or Abu Dhabi is almost the same distance of about 130 Kilometers. You will be picked from your home, hotel or accommodation in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi with a high quality luxury or standard bus or van. If you are a group of 8-12 people you must opt for a 12+1 seater Toyota Hiace Highroof. If you are 15-20 people then you should take the new 2020 Toyota Hiace that is 22+1 capacity. For a group of 20-30 the ideal option for you is a 35 seater luxury bus. A group of 30-50 guest can take a 50 seater luxury bus.

Al Ain Tour – Rates / Prices

From Dubai to Al Ain – Al Ain City Tour

Daily Rent – Max 10 Hours per day

Type Of Bus Max Seats /Ideal Seats Rate Luggage
Hiace 13 seats 12/10 AED650 5 Bags
Hi-Roof 14 seats 15/12 AED650 5 Bags
Coaster 22-30 Seats 30/22 AED850 15 Bags
Rosa 26-34 Seats 34/26 AED850 10 Bags
Luxury Bus 35 Seats 37/35 AED1100 25 Bags
Luxury Bus 50 Seats 51/50 AED1300 40 Bags
Al Ain Tour – From Abu Dhabi to Al Ain

Daily Rent – Max 10 Hours per day – Al Ain City Tour

Type Of Bus Max Seats /Ideal Seats Rate Luggage
Hiace 13 seats 12/10 AED750 5 Bags
Hi-Roof 14 seats 15/12 AED750 5 Bags
Coaster 22-30 Seats 30/22 AED950 15 Bags
Rosa 26-34 Seats 34/26 AED950 10 Bags
Luxury Bus 35 Seats 37/35 AED1200 25 Bags
Luxury Bus 50 Seats 51/50 AED1400 40 Bags
Al Ain Tour – From Sharjah to Al Ain

Daily Rent – Max 10 -12 Hours per day

Type Of Bus Max Seats /Ideal Seats Rate Luggage
Hiace 13 seats 12/10 AED650 5 Bags
Hi-Roof 14 seats 15/12 AED650 5 Bags
Coaster 22-30 Seats 30/22 AED850 15 Bags
Rosa 26-34 Seats 34/26 AED850 10 Bags
Luxury Bus 35 Seats 37/35 AED1100 25 Bags
Luxury Bus 50 Seats 51/50 AED1300 40 Bags

Top 10 Places To Visit In Al Ain – Al Ain City Tour

If you want to know the culture and background of Al Ain, then you must visit these places in Al Ain to have unique and authentic experiences. Though we call it Al Ain City Tour but these places are mostly outside of the main city.

Jebel Hafeet
Al Ain National Museum
Al Ain Zoo
Al Jahili Fort
Wadi Adventure Park
Al Ain Oasis
Camel Market
Hili Fun City
Camel Racing
Mubazzarah Park

1) Jebel Hafeet – The First destination one thinks about during Ain City Tour

The name is drawn after the Hafeet Mountain, the second highest peak in UAE and highest in Abu Dhabi with a height of 1,240 meters. While driving to this mountain there are lot scenic beauty to be witnessed and a lot of panoramic pictures can be clicked from here. You’ll definitely enjoy a road trip on this hill that gives splendid views of Al Ain.

2) Al Ain National Museum – The second journey in Al Ain Tour

This museum is located in the premises of Sultan Bin Zayed Fort and very well preserves the culture, heritage, and history of UAE. Al Ain City tour and Al Ain Museum are going hand in hand. Among the various sections in the museum, the ethnographic section helps in identifying the daily life of the people of UAE, traditional outfits, traditional majlis and locals adorning the Bedouin jewelry. This museum brings the artifacts and discoveries, pendants, and coins tracing back to the Bronze Age and Iron Age into the sight of the visitors.

3) The Al Ain Zoo – Al Ain City Tour is incomplete without it

Came into existence in the year 1969, the Al Ain Zoo is one of the largest inclusions for animals in UAE. Animals like Arabian antelope, Oryx, African gazelles, giraffes, lions, tigers, pumas, black and spotted leopards and jaguars along with monkey house, aviary segment and reptile house are some of the highlights of the zoo. This zoo is known for its research amenities like the breeding program for the endangered species. Zoo petting, feeding the giraffes, camel rides and children garden are some of the interesting activities to be carried in zoo encouraging the biodiversity. It is one of the must-visit places to visit in Al Ain.

4) Jahili Fort – One of the top places to visit in AL Ain

The Jahili Fort holds its existence way back to the year 1891 when it was the residence of Sheikh Zayed. We recommend this destination to all our gusts during our Tour. It is enclosed by shaded gardens and tranquility. The fort once used to be one of the most significant defensive features in protecting the town from any kind of attack.It is one of the iconic examples of castles in UAE. In this fort, there is an exhibit dedicated to the portrayal of the British adventures and exploring deserts.

5) Wadi Adventure Park

Wadi Adventure Park is one of the most liked places to visit in Al Ain UAE. Al Ain City Tour by bus will take you to explore Wadi Adventure. Well known for its rafting and waves, water sports lovers should straight away head to the adventure park. This park is the world’s largest water park comprising of surfing, kayaking, white water rafting, artificial surfing waves, air park with zip lines, balance beams, giant swing, climbing wall, wake boarding facilities along with a family pool area. This place is loved by the adventure lovers; even the beginners of rafting can also enjoy here, as there are elementary stage for new rafters.

6) Al Ain Oasis

The Oasis is a peaceful place for people to stroll and relax. If you are visiting Al Ain by bus, it is easy to access here. A typical Ain City tour must have it in the itinerary. This is another iconic place to visit in Al Ain. This oasis consists of some 150,000 date palm trees which are irrigated with the 3000-year old traditional irrigation method Falaj. One of the picturesque places to visit in Al Ain, the oasis is surrounded by a plenty of date palms and palm groves giving a shady pathway to the visitors.

7) Camel Market

This market of Al Ain is a must go for every tourist. Visitors will be able to witness the local culture over here. Al Ain Camel market is reflecting the actual picture of the local culture. Your Al Ain City tour should have a visit of the Market. This is one of the best choices for kids and young people who plan Al Ain tour . This is also important places to visit in Al Ain. One of the most unique places in to visit in Al Ain, it provides you with an enthralling experience. The camel market of Al Ain is the last camel market of UAE and people from all walks of life come here to buy and sell the camels. Entry and exit in this market is free but you will be approached by merchants as soon as you enter the market.

8) Hili Fun City

Fun City, a theme-based park, and of the most popular places to visit in Al Ain UAE. Roller coaster rides, elevated sky-flyer, more than 40 rides are some of the highlights of this theme park. This fun city also holds an annual festival rejoicing the history and cultural paradigm of UAE. It is a must go place for families. Just right next to Fun City is the Al Ain Ice Rink which is another one of the popular places to visit in Al Ain. It is the size of an Olympic rink and offers various services like skating and plethora children’s games.

9) Camel Racing

The Camel racing is one of the oldest traditions of UAE and has not washed-out with a span of time. Al Ain City tour also offers you a trip of Camel Racing. Al Ain is a regular horde for camel racing where the races are conducted regularly on a track of 10 km. While the race tracks are one of the places to visit Al Ain, watching the race live is one of a boon as it is an Emirate culture. There are different breeds of camel that are used in this race like the golden and white Anafi breed and the black or brown Boushahri breed.

10) Mubazzarah Park

While coming down from the Jebel Mountain lies the Mubazzarah Park which is a secluded park owning the greenery, rocks, and landscape. It is a place consisting of natural oasis which looks splendid during the sunset. It also owns a natural mineral hot springs flowing throughout the park in the form of pools. One of the alluring places to visit in Al Ain, it is the best place for rejuvenating oneself and getting rid of any kind of pains or aches especially the ones obtained from traveling. The park is mostly visited by the local families on weekend.

Al Ain is a hidden treasure of UAE. You will not only have the opportunity to discover a different side of UAE but also have the most unique experiences of your life. Visit all these places next time you plan a trip.

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